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Our team of designers works diligently to provide you with high-quality designs that are custom tailored to your needs. The beauty of our customized websites is that you can achieve a superior professional look through our design capabilities. Notice the value and transformation that iDesig4Doctors can offer in comparison to other mass-produced template website companies.

Healthcare Industry Web Designs

iDesig4Doctors creates the best Medical Practices websites for Medical Providers and Healthcare Facilities. We have launched thousands of sites for top producing companies in the country and we’re proud of our long list of loyal clients. Whether you’re looking for an affordable agent website built on WordPress or looking for a custom design for your Medical office, we’ve got you covered. Put our 20 years of experience to the test!

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Our Health Care Websites Are Not Just  About Aesthetics. Every detail is crafted with precision and adheres to web design best practices. Here are some of the functionality and design elements built into every website we create.
Hosted WordPress Website
Manage your website content from a user friendly dashboard
Mobile Optimized Design
Get the best possible user experience while on-the-go
Fully Responsive Design
All pages work on any device and adjust to any screen size
Search Features
Quick and advanced search, robust forms, interactive map searches and customizable fields

Our Additional Services 

Call My Doc ™

The most reliable technology to replace traditional answering service. Call My Doc ™ Is a managed service with mobile apps that is able to integrate with all electronic medical records to replace telephone based answering services. Patient medications, allergies , labs and history ,all will appear on doctor’s exquisitely designed mobile phone app. Doctors will be able to respond through many modalities . They will be able through their phone to send electronic prescriptions and book patients appointments outside business hours. All the interactions leaves an automated record in the patient chart and a billable ticket. Call My Doc ™ can be offered to all primary care physicians, hospitals, and specialists. More Revenue, Safety for Patients ,Quality of Healthcare & Quality of physicians personal life. Features: Doctors can respond live or by many other modalities, including texting a response, responding by templates, recording a response etc. Can answer the patient with any language Sends calls with the patient’s chart to the doctor’s iPhone. Schedules patients by itself when they call in. Automatically performs important tasks by itself: Send a refill or prescription in under 30 seconds. Schedule an appointment for the patient in under 10 seconds. Talk to the patient by itself with the doctor’s orders. Does the paperwork by itself and puts it back on the patient’s chart.

I Am Your Patient Mobile App

Doctors, did you ever wish to offer your patient’s an app to be able to communicate with you better? ” I am your patient” is a patient app customized just for your practice. It is a secured communication between the patients and doctor to improve patient’s access and satisfaction .Patients can have instant video consultation with the Dr. I am your patient app has also medical assistants avatars that responds to some patients questions with artificial intelligence. It provides patients with animated videos of patient education, also patient’s education in English and Spanish .It gives patients access to practice discounts, events, links to referral, symptom checker, personalized medical history notes, links to healthy livings, practice notifications, and medications refills. It allows patients instant access to the self-schedule, patient portal and more. If you want to offer your patients the app for free or charge a cost for every download, from the iTunes stores or Androids that will be totally up to you.

Schedule My Patient

*Is the one and only calendaring system which allows a patient to make their own appointments – and without the need for office staff assistance. This software program can help any healthcare provider have a more efficient practice by freeing up the front desk staff from the mundane tasks of time consuming patient requests for appointments. It will improve the care of the patients by allowing the patient to schedule a first available time, or future date, and significantly reduce telephone hold time in a busy practice. But, the best part of the Patient Self-Scheduler is simply that It will free your staff time and decrease your overhead expense by greatly reducing patient calls for appointments. The ease and simplicity with which patients can use the Self-Scheduler will increase both patient happiness and office profitability.

SEO Friendly Features

Lead Generation

Medical Practice Details

Intelligent avatars who can act as your online medical assistants

Patient’s Self-schedulers

Telemedicine integration

Easy access to your patient portals

Woocommerce helps you sell your office products on your website

Integrates with email marketing, follow up reminders and billing reminders for your patients

Access to patient’s education links in English and Spanish

An intuitive messaging at your fingertips
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a new world of  Medical Technology at your fingertips
Everything You Need to Easily Reach Your Patients in
One Application on Any Device
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